Strategies for Business of Green Hydrogen Electrolyzer in Techcross

Kyung-Ahn Kwon (Chief of Technology Officer/Director Techcross)

Curriculum Vitae

Chief Technology Officer/ Director in Techcross Co.,Ltd.
Business Executive Manager in D.I.T Co.,Ltd. 2009-2014
Chief Engineer/ R&D Manager, LG Electronics. Co. Ltd.,1988-2004
Master of Science, Electronic Engineering, YONSEI Univ. Aug.1997
The Jeong-Yak Yong Award of Patent Technology, 2005, KIPO
Technology Award "High Efficient SR. Motor", KIPE, 1999
Best Paper Award "A New Quasi Resonant DC-Link Inverter",KIPE,1998


In line with the acceleration of global decarbonization policies, the South Korean government is also actively promoting hydrogen industry ecosystems. However, the production sector of green hydrogen lags far behind that of advanced countries such as Germany, Japan and the United States, making it difficult for Korean manufacturers to compete with advanced companies even in Korea, where industrialization opportunities are just beginning. In response, Techcross plans to actively foster the commercialization of green hydrogen electrolyzer based on its experience in designing electrolysis devices and systems, which have maintained the highest share in the global ship BWTS(Ballast Water Treatment System) market for the past 20 years. In the short term, the company is focusing on increasing the capacity of Alkaline Electrolyzer, and also it is pushing for research and development in PEM system to replace electrode precious metals and minimize the use of precious metals.

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