Liquid Hydrogen Storage and Transport Technology in the Shipbuilding Industry

Jae-Myung Lee (Professor, Pusan National University)

Curriculum Vitae

Professor, Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Pusan National University
Director, Hydrogen Ship Technology Center, Pusan National University
Division Chair, Future Green Ship Technology(MOTIE)
Committee member, Korea Hydrogen Economy Roadmap 2.0


Hydrogen is the most desirable energy source to replace fossil fuels owing to its unique characteristics, such as its environmental impact, availability, and high energy density. There are three ways to store and transport hydrogen energy: compressed gas, a cryogenic liquid, and solid-state storage. The liquid hydrogen method has fewer potential risks than compressed gas in terms of storage pressure. However, storage vessels require advanced insulation techniques to minimize unavoidable heat transfer leading to hydrogen loss via boil-off. In this presentation, we introduce liquid hydrogen storage and transportation technology in the shipbuilding industry.

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