Enabling Pure Growth by Clean Ammonia

Rob Stevens (President, Ammonia Energy Association)

Curriculum Vitae

President, Ammonia Energy Association
VP Ammonia Opportunities, Saga Pure
General Manager, Yara International
Board Member, Horisont Energi
Non Executive Director, Ammonia Energy Association


Saga Pure ASA is the first green investment company listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange, with a combination of technical and financial expertise. The focus is on pure growth, covering the clean energy value chain. Renewables, hydrogen storage and bunkering, shipping, ammonia and circular carbon are currently in the portfolio.
At Saga Pure we facilitate Pure Growth for the companies we invest in, contributing with our expertise and network to a larger ecosystem and value chain for clean products.
Ammonia is an important molecule in the energy transition and hydrogen economy. In an expected new large market, Horisont Energy works towards large scale blue ammonia as energy carrier and shipping fuel.
Recently we see multiple announcements into the ammonia as shipping fuel space, as well as clean ammonia projects being announced which indicates a double digit ammonia production and trade growth the coming years.

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