Implementation Plan of Clean Fuel Ammonia Value Chain

Shigeru Muraki (Representative Director, Clean Fuel Ammonia Association)

Curriculum Vitae

CTO, EVP & Vice Chair, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Clean Fuel Ammonia Association
Vice Chair Asia, World Energy Council


Technologies to use ammonia as C-free fuel directly in the energy market have been developed during the last 10 years. Ammonia is identified as cheapest mechanism among hydrogen energy carriers to transport hydrogen for long distance over the ocean.
Based on those results, Japanese Industry and Government are working together on the implementation of Fuel Ammonia Value Chain from productions of Blue and Green Ammonia through utilization of Fuel Ammonia in power generation, industrial and maritime sectors. CFAA is taking key role in this challenge.
Commercial use of Fuel Ammonia in the power generation market will start in a few years, and supply chain and infrastructures will be developed for wide use of Fuel Ammonia in the energy market.
Clean Fuel Ammonia will the game changer in the energy supply and contribute to decarbonization in Japan, Asia and in the world.

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