Hydrogen Pipeline Technologies for Large-capacity Hydrogen Supply

강승규 (한국가스안전공사 책임연구원)

Curriculum Vitae

Principal Researcher, Korea Gas Safety Corporation
Director of Hydrogen Infrastructure and Safety, The Korean Hydrogen & New Energy Society
Doctor of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University


According to the Korean hydrogen roadmap, the hydrogen supply price is set to be 4$/kg by 2030 and 3$/kg by 2040. Since transportation accounts for 15-20% of the cost of hydrogen, it is necessary to reduce transportation costs in order to lower the price of hydrogen. At present, the initial stage of the hydrogen economy, the transport of high-pressure gaseous hydrogen by a tube trailer is the most economical. However, if the demand for hydrogen increases due to the spread of the hydrogen application, a technology capable of transporting a large-capacity hydrogen is required. In this presentation, we will look at the technology trend of hydrogen pipeline for large-capacity hydrogen supply.

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