The Australian Government’s Design of the H2 Guarantee of Origin Certification Scheme(GO), the Journey so far and Next Steps

Ron Green (주한호주대사관 무역대표부 참사관)

Curriculum Vitae

Trade Commissioner and Consul, Australian Embassy in the Republic of Korea
General Manager, J-Power Australia
MBA from Deakin University
Honours degree in Science from the University of Tasmania


The development of a hydrogen Guarantee of Origin(GO) scheme is a key action item and an early priority agreed by the Australian and state and territory governments in the National Hydrogen Strategy in 2019(the Strategy). The Strategy recognises that a global scheme would be needed to facilitate international trade of hydrogen and provide consumers with the assurances they seek. The strategy therefore states that Australia will seek to be a leader in the development of an international hydrogen GO scheme, and that any domestic scheme should build on or harmonise with international schemes. The Strategy however notes that agreeing an international scheme should not delay investment in hydrogen production.

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